Madonna, Rebel Heart Tour@ Hong Kong

Finally I was able to see her last night!!!!!!! Can’t tell how excited I was and my heartbeat was so fast!!!

It was such an unforgettable moment which I waited for a very long time since I became her fan. The night was amazing, and seeing her so close just made me want to cry. This is her first time coming to Hong Kong and having a live tour here!!!!!!

She sang a  lot of songs that I love including the song  “TAKE A BOW” which is one of my favorite song that I thought she only sang it once earlier time in Taipei .

Well, I guess I need to wait for the next tour to see if she will sing “Crazy For You” in the concert, which is the song I want her to sing in the live concert the most.

In Hong Kong,  young people may not be too familiar with her songs, especially the greatest hits of her in 80’s.

I recommend you guys who do not know her well can start with “Like A virgin”, “True Blue”, “Everybody”, “Holiday”, “Material Girl””La Isla Bonita”, or search her MV in Youtube.

You will definitely fall in love with her world!!

Below is her performance of Take A Bow in Taipei.



  1. how many still remember John Jellybean Benitez? He produced Holiday and Borderline. Then there is Elisa Fionillo. The question why some people make it and some don’t in any fields. Maybe there is no answer to it.

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