Hong Kong Ocean Park Visit

Spending my birthday in ocean park because it was free of charge on birthday (only apply to Hong Kong residents)

However crowds everywhere since it was the start of summer holiday and it really killed my mood…..


Love to see their face every time I visit to the aquarium, they just make me smile too

I don’t have a positive comment on pandas….without the helps of human, they should be extinct due to their poor breeding skills and their selective diet….

ya…they are cute but cute is not  a reason for animal conservation. Cute is a word which should apply to a pet.

My feeling to zoos and aquariums  is  complicated. It is nice to see those animals of different origins, but when you see those captive animals showing abnormal behavior like walking back and forth, repeating the same action…just make me wonder how cruel we are.


P.S. Although I am not a native speaker on English, some of my friends can’t read Chinese and I hope I can share with them my daily life too, so please forgive me if I made some grammatical mistakes in the post.



See my other shootings when I visited Hong Kong Ocean Park previously in


Vivitar ultra Compact


Fuji Klasse W Black 初試 X Ocean Park





  1. happy birthday. Hong Kong Ocean Park has Pandas? I should go see the baby panda at the national zoo but I haven’t been to a zoo for a long time as they should be free.


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